Package Tracking ROI

Return On Investment Calculator

Businesses are finding it more and more important to make the most of their money in today's economy. Not only must they be cautious of how much they spend but also how quickly they will see a return on their investment. Listed below are a few advantages that show why TekTrack is a valuable investment.

TekTrack® Investment Benefits

Increase Profit Reduce Cost Improve Labor Efficiency
Reduce lost mail & inventory X
Reduce time searching for packages X X
More features for less money X X X
Reduce lost package compensation X
Improve customer service X X X
Maximize equipment utilization X X
Reduce labor costs X X X
Reduce processing time X X X

The TekTrack Advantage

TekTrack has exclusive features and technologies that help you get your job done faster and with fewer errors. The following chart shows TekTrack's performance advantage when compared with other tracking methods.

Manual Tracking Other Systems
Increased Processing Rate 72% 34%
Decreased Error Rate 49% 13%
Improved Customer Service Efficiency 46% 22%

Return on Investment Calculator

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