Do All Packages Have Tracking Numbers?

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The answer is yes, all U.S. parcel carrier packages have tracking numbers. A tracking number is typically assigned to a package by the company transporting it. With the exception of USPS mail, all major U.S. parcel carriers provide a trackingRead More

The Lost Package: Poor Milhouse Goes to the Boarding Mailroom

Boarding mailrooms are busy year round; they have lots and lots of student packages to handle. And sometimes, in this hustle, they get many things wrong… accidentally.

Package Handling: Which is the Best-Fit Management Solution for Your Apartment Complex?

As apartment complexes across the country experience an abrupt shift from managing a few packages a day to dozens, deployment of package management solutions has become a need rather than a luxury for property managers.

Cautionary Office Tales: Time Sensitive Mail Delivered Too Late

It’s nine in the morning. Mr. Frank Galvin is impatiently waiting in his office for important mail to arrive that could serve to prove his client innocent in an alleged medical malpractice case. The trial is to be held laterRead More

For Hospital Mailroom Managers: Are You Still Logging Packages By Hand?

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Hospital mailroom staff can have a lot on their plates during the day. They must receive and handle countless shipments of medicine, medical equipment and medical supplies. Also, they must promptly and accurately deliver these packages to concerned departments withinRead More

The Friday Mail Mess and How to Avoid It

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It’s Friday. And you know what that means, right? The weekend is here.

For On-Campus Mailrooms: Prepping for the Spring Semester Rush

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A brand new year means the start of a new spring semester. And, if you are a mailroom manager working in an antiquated mailroom, the start of a semester means chaos. Literally. You’ll be receiving mountains of packages from parents,Read More

Inside the University Mailroom: Handling the Influx of Holiday Season

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While the holiday season for most people is about enjoying time with their loved ones and vegging on the sofa, those working at university mailrooms can find it stressful and literally be flooded with packages. Rolling packages, undelivered packages, andRead More

Benefits of Package Tracking Software for Hospitals & Medical Institutions

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When you’re dealing with dozens of sick patients who trust you to treat them, the last thing you need is your outdated, manual package tracking slowing down inventory shipments.