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Are you responsible for receiving and delivering packages?
Do you currently log packages using a clipboard or spreadsheet?
Want to reduce processing time and costs?
Package Tracking Software
TekTrack Package Tracking Software

Inbound Package Tracking Software

Improve your tracking with TekTrack®, package tracking software that makes tracking packages easier than ever. Whether you deliver packages around your campus or hold them for pick-up at designated areas, our package tracking software system provides you with a complete chain of custody.

TekTrack is a package tracking system that picks up where the carriers leave off, helping you log and track valuable packages from receipt through recipient delivery. With its advanced barcode reading capabilities and powerful automation features, package tracking has never been easier.

It's as easy as...

Package Tracking Software
  • Packages arrive.
  • Log packages into the system
    • using a PC scanner and our desktop package tracking software
    • using a mobile computer, phone, or tablet with our package tracking app
    • manually
  • Send optional e-mail or text notification to recipient.
Package Tracking Software
  • Take package to recipient or allow for pickup.
  • Recipient signs for & receives packages.
  • Delivery & signature uploaded. Complete package history available.
Package Tracking Software
  • Lookup packages whenever needed using our powerful search features.
  • Run reports to view metrics for any day, week, month, or year.


  • Bye-bye clipboard. No more error-prone manual logging.
  • Preserves detailed chain of custody and proof-of-receipt signatures for accountability.
  • Keeps track of where your packages are and who you gave them to.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Cloud and On-Premise solutions.
  • Adapts in minutes to numerous tracking scenarios.
  • Automated package logging software features that minimize processing time and costs.
  • Does not require internet, cellular, wi-fi, or other network connectivity.
  • Affordably priced packages & more features at a lower price.
  • Works with numerous barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, signature pads, label printers, phones, and tablets.
  • Integrates with organizational directories, Active Directory, ERPs, locker systems, and more.
  • Configurable workflows to meet your organization's requirements.
  • Keeps your data secure in transit and at rest.
  • Allows multiple departments to utilize the same system.
  • Automatic notifications for staff and customers.
  • Advanced mailroom package tracking application that doesn't require IT support.

Don't be the fall guy for lost packages!


  • TekTrack's unique SmartScan™ technology for advanced barcode processing.
  • Mobile support for Windows Mobile, Windows, iOS, and Android phones and tablets.
  • Supports multiple concurrent users.
  • Automatic, customizable e-mail, text, and phone notifications for customers and staff.
  • Record proof-of-receipt signatures and signer's name at the time of delivery using a signature pad or magnetic card reader.
  • Generate tracking ID for packages without barcodes.
  • Print labels for packages with damaged labels or to display additional information.
  • Take pictures and attach files to a package's history.
  • On-screen displays to alert staff about packages or recipients that require special attention.
  • Integrates with major carrier tracking systems.
  • Process packages while connected to the system or offline.
  • Special processing capabilities for pallets.
  • Administrative controls to manage your staff's operations or access in the system.
  • Customizable fields for package information, recipients, and workflows.
  • Advanced and basic searches that can be saved for quick recall in regular use.
  • Create your own custom reports or import reports from our library.
  • Self-service portal for recipients to view their own package's history and signatures without contacting your staff.
  • Application programming interface (API).
  • And many, many more...

Want to see our package tracking system's unique features that aren't listed above? Let us impress you in a one-on-one system demo with automation features that get your job done quicker and easier!

Package Tracking Software

Package Tracking

Package Tracking app available on App Store and Google Play
Requires On-Premise or Cloud service
Short video introduction to TekTrack®


Starting at
  • One-time purchase
  • Unlimited recipients and users
  • Data never leaves your network
  • Software hosted on your hardware
Starting at
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Unlimited recipients and users
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • PC software installation not required

Frequently Asked Questions

What is package tracking software?
Package tracking software is a type of software that helps businesses and individuals manage the delivery and receipt of their packages. It can be used in various settings, such as offices, coworking spaces, residential buildings, or warehouses. Package tracking software can provide features such as barcode scanning, digital signatures, inventory tracking, delivery notifications, and transaction history. By using package tracking software, users can improve the efficiency, security, and accountability of their package operations. Package tracking software can also integrate with other systems, such as property management, courier delivery, or supply chain management. Package tracking software is a useful tool for anyone who deals with a large volume of packages on a regular basis.
What advantage(s) does your package tracking software have over others?
TekTrack offers many advantages over similar software. Three that our customers commonly commend us for are: simplified data capturing, customizable work-flows, and lowest cost-per-feature pricing.
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