Benefits of Package Tracking Software for Hospitals & Medical Institutions

When you’re dealing with dozens of sick patients who trust you to treat them, the last thing you need is your outdated, manual package tracking slowing down inventory shipments.

Not only could this affect the reputation of your medical institution, but it could also put your patients at risk due to an incomplete inventory of important drugs and medication!

HospitalsSimilarly, reports, X-rays, and patient history often need to be delivered right to the hospital from outsourced locations, the delay of which could be dangerous or even fatal to your patients.

Manual tracking puts your institution’s mailrooms at risk of error—from system-wide discrepancies, delays, poorly documented deliveries as well as making it difficult to measure productivity, staffing requirements, proof-of-delivery and chain of custody.

An automated package tracking system like TekTrack might be exactly what your hospital needs to streamline mailroom services, and here’s why:


Nowhere is time more of the essence than in the medical business. Where mere seconds could mean the difference between life and death, manual tracking can take up precious minutes of a patient’s time. Where time is of the essence, TekTrack could help save lives with its easy, streamlined functions.


When you can track all the packages you have received in one place, it’s easy to keep tab of inventory, locate urgent packages, and learn whether something has even been received in the first place with just a few clicks of a mouse! Imagine trying to do that with the sheets upon sheets, records upon records of paperwork that manual tracking requires!


Human error in manual mailrooms is far more common than you may believe. From illegible writing making records difficult to read to misplaced packages, a manual system is rife with the possibility of error.

When it comes to automated tracking software, however, just a simple scan of the package label can transfer all necessary information into the system, eliminating chances of human error. It can also help you track packages until they reach their proper recipient, upon with proof-of-delivery is acquired using e-signatures. With everything on automated, digital software, there’s no chance of ever missing important information!


With the ability to scan packages as you receive them, upload information on the system, and obtain signatures as proof-of-delivery, you are easily able to prove whether you received a package or not. Similarly, mailroom employees can provide accurate, proven metrics to managers if needed, which in turn helps managers verify efficiency, speed, and employee productivity.

Our inbound package tracking software, TekTrack lets hospitals and medical institutions stay updated on the delivery statuses of their inbound packages. Secure, reliable, and streamlined, TekTrack will become your hospital’s best friend for tracking valuable packages!

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