package handling for apartments

As apartment complexes across the country experience an abrupt shift from managing a few packages a day to dozens, deployment of package management solutions has become a need rather than a luxury for property managers.

All hail ecommerce!

The question is no longer if you need a package management solution for your apartment building, but it’s when and which one?

Package Logging by Hand

This is where it all started. The mail delivery driver would drop in packages at your mailroom counter. Your apartment mailroom staff would log the delivered packages into the system by hand. And they would then contact the residents letting them know that their package has arrived.

Many apartment complexes still use this system and so can you. But there’s a big problem with it…

In this age, logging packages by hand means processing packages at snail pace. There aren’t a few packages that you need to handle; there are bundles of them. Slower package processing means delayed deliveries to residents. That’s not something you would want to experience as an apartment resident, right?

Moreover, if the manual record of the logged packages is destroyed or misplaced, it can create a whole new set of problems for your apartment mail handling staff.

Package Locker System

This method of package management brings the ultimate convenience for property managers.

Basically, it involves investing in a locker system. That locker system is deployed in a room at your apartment building. The mail delivery driver accesses the room and drops the mail in the locker designated to the intended recipient of the mail. They then inform the resident that their parcel has arrived, who then picks it up by accessing the locker.

Long story short, it’s a hands-off package management solution, where property managers don’t have to handle anything.

However, this solution has some drawbacks:

  • First, a locker system is quite expensive to purchase.
  • Second, it doesn’t really solve the problem of delayed package deliveries; a mail delivery driver can always forget to inform the resident about the delivery or may not be able to contact them.
  • Third, if the mail delivery driver delivers a damaged package to the locker, the resident will have to contact the mail carrier to resolve the issue. That can be a bit too inconvenient for your apartment residents. You don’t want that. You want your apartment residents to be happy.

Package Tracking Software

Last but not the least is package tracking software.

Package tracking software allows you to log packages using a barcode scanner, tablet or smartphone. This increases your mail processing speed by up to 5–10 times, enabling faster deliveries.

Another advantage of using package tracking software is that you can manage and store all package logs electronically. This way, you don’t have to keep file folders or paper-based records—this keeps your logs safer and also saves you money.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of using package tracking software for managing packages is that it enables you to notify your residents instantly that their package has arrived. Whenever you log in a package using package tracking software, the software sends an instant mobile notification to the recipient, letting them know that their package is ready for pickup.

Yes, package tracking software does not offer the hands-off convenience that a package locker system does, but all in all, it is arguably the best package management solution for apartment complexes out there.

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