apartment package tracking software

Your apartment residents have a strong affinity for mobile devices.

They shop, search, chat, play, email, and even work on mobile devices. So are you supporting their mobile usage when it comes to handling the delivery of their packages?

Consumers, today, want instant gratification for everything—including mail deliveries. They look for services that can keep them in the loop about the latest status of their delivered packages. And while apartment mailrooms previously had no option in this area, they can now offer instant mobile notifications to their residents thanks to apartment package tracking software.

package tracking software for apartments

Apartment package tracking software is a software-based mail processing solution designed to help apartment mailrooms streamline their in-house mail handling operations. It supports digital logging of packages, electronic maintenance of logs and a variety of other features that make inbound mail tracking faster, convenient, efficient and accurate for apartment mailrooms. The star of this feature-bundle, however, is mobile support.

Apartment package tracking software enables apartment mailroom managers to leverage mobile technology in three primary ways:

  • First, they can use mobile devices as package scanners to quickly log packages into the system. This way, they can increase the efficiency and productivity of their apartment mailroom.
  • Second, they can send instant mobile notifications to apartment residents on their smartphones and inform them that their package has arrived. This way, they can keep the residents updated on the delivery status of their packages and ensure faster pickups.
  • Third, they can use a tablet or a smartphone to capture digital signatures of recipients as proof of delivery and conveniently close out the package delivery process.This way, they can reliably seal the chain of custody without having to rely on manual paperwork.  

Closing Words

All in all, package tracking software presents a strong case for deployment in apartment mailroom environments, especially when you consider how effectively it leverages the mobile technology to deliver better mail services to apartment residents.

If you’re interested in using package tracking software for your apartment mailroom, contact TekCore; our patented apartment tracking software, TekTrack, is one of the best budget package tracking solutions available on the market right now.  



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