Boarding mailrooms are busy year round; they have lots and lots of student packages to handle. And sometimes, in this hustle, they get many things wrong… accidentally.

Meet Milhouse. He is 10 years old and studies in the 5th grade at a boarding school in Happy City. He has very few friends. He is also very gullible and naive because of which he is often bullied at school. You’ll always find him in some sort of trouble. Poor him!

But today is a good day for Milhouse. His iPad, which he won in an online contest, is getting shipped. He can’t wait for it to arrive. Everything’s coming up roses.

Finally, the mail delivery driver shows up at the campus with the iPad. He delivers the iPad to the boarding mailroom staff. But unfortunately for Milhouse, the mailroom team that received the iPad, mistakenly logs the package for “Milhousa”. It turns out that this mistake didn’t even happen to be the worst accident…

Excited to collect his iPad, Milhouse goes to the boarding mailroom, expecting his iPad to have arrived by now. His excitement, however, is only short lived because the mailroom staff could not find any package logged under his name.

Milhouse returns disappointed.

Meanwhile, the iPad is delivered to Milhousa. She cannot believe her luck. Where did that come from? Who cares, she’ll keep it anyways. She signs off the receipt. The delivery boy takes the signed hand log back to the mailroom. Later, a tired mailroom staff accidentally spills his coffee over the hand log, making everything hard to read. The record is completely gone. Even if the boarding mailroom would want to check who they have delivered the tablet to, they won’t be able to do.

Poor Milhouse!

Each day, every week, Milhouse keeps returning to the mailroom in the hope to receive his iPad. But he never finds it.

His iPad is lost!

Lost packages are a common theme at school and college mailrooms. Manual package logging systems play a big part in that.

Luckily, and thankfully, schools and college mailrooms around the country are now moving to package tracking software to log and keep track of inbound mails and parcels. The software allows them to maintain electronic logs of every delivery and speeds up their package handling operation by providing digital scan function.

What type of package logging system do you use at your boarding mailroom? Interested in switching to automated package tracking software system?

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