Package Tracking Technology

Four years ago, a record 65 million parcels were shipped globally and that number keeps on increasing.

UPS alone deals with about 15.8 million packages every day. That’s 324 packages per second!

FedEx averages about 3.4 million daily. Moreover, in 2018, UPS posted record numbers for holiday package shipping, along with increases in the total number of packages shipped during the year.

The interest in online shipping and delivery is increasing with every minute. In fact, big eCommerce firms are transforming the way packages are delivered.

Recently, Amazon announced they are hiring individuals to offer small-scale delivery services to keep up with the demand. The prospect of self-driving vehicles, delivery by drone, and same-day delivery are on the horizon as well, which will add novel layers of complexity to the overall process.

These transformations in delivery methods are also impacting what happens to packages once they are delivered. Quite commonly these days, packages being unloaded from most delivery trucks have not yet reached their final destination. The unloading location is commonly a mailroom, residential community office, hotel, or other handling location tasked with making sure the package makes its way into the recipient’s hands in a timely manner.

However, the increasing number of packages these facilities take in is not making the final stage of delivery any simpler, compelling them to explore solutions that can streamline and simplify their operations.

The Growing Role of Final Destination Facilities

Offices, hotels, and corporate mailrooms are used to acquiring packages on behalf of their recipients. However, the sheer volume of incoming packages at any particular time is compelling managers to be creative in how they deal with the delivery process.

Typically, customers track their packages online through tools offered by their carrier. However, once the package approaches the receiving facility, that tracking stops. Simply put, the customers can only see a package was sent to their corporate mailroom. Nobody knows where it actually ended up after arriving.

This absence of transparency during the final phase of delivery can lead to extended wait times and lost packages. Plus, these packages will overcrowd the storage areas unnecessarily. This can be especially harmful to businesses that serve customers, for example, hotels. If the arrival of the package is not supported with a timely notification or a package is misplaced, the impression of your company may be negatively affected.

How Better Experience Can Be Delivered via Technology

Numerous facilities are now at the point where they can no longer ignore the need for better package management. Both employees and customers are using technology to place orders online and track the status of their package, and technology must also offer the solution.

By making use of package tracking software for your mailroom, office, or hotel, you can deliver a better experience to employees and customers alike. Instant notifications can be sent to recipients when there is a package waiting for them. By knowing the location of packages, users save time, thereby handing over the parcels with confidence.

With the growth of package shipping industry, one can expect that the responsibilities of facilities will increase too. Today’s people have traded visiting the store for the ease of delivery and comfort – it is important that you offer that same comfort level.

Deal With the E-commerce Package Room with TekTrack

TekTrack was designed to deal with contemporary mailroom problems with modern solutions. Its software enables facilities to increase efficiency by electronically processing packages, sends automated received and delivery notifications to recipients, provides custom searches and reporting, and much more, ensuring that every package is delivered to the right person on time.



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