Amazon Student Prime

Amazon is certainly one of the largest and most influential companies worldwide, reporting a massive net revenue of over 280.5 billion dollars in 2019.

With that said, the primary and most profitable division of Amazon is its subscription services, such as Amazon Student Prime. 

Amazon Student Prime Impacts

It is pretty easy to say that before Amazon Student Prime took off, college students would head to campus in cars packed with all of their belongings.

But, times have clearly changed.

The post office branch that serves UConn (University of Connecticut) gets about 3,000 packages a day, and half of them are from Amazon. And, that is just one college.

Today, there are over 150 million paying Prime subscribers, and many of them are students leveraging the benefits of their college ID cards. Students show up at the start of the school year with fewer items because they are confident that they can get everything they need with a simple Amazon shopping trip. They push a button, and voila, their necessities are delivered.

However, what about us campus mail room attendees?

This new digital age indeed makes college life more convenient, but not so much for mailroom workers without receiving room software to keep up with the package deliveries. From university package tracking and the immense increase in the usage of online shopping, trying to stay afloat with the pace without package tracking software is deemed much harder than expected.

Major Mailroom Challenges

University mailrooms face several significant issues as the number of daily packages increases. For example, many mailrooms were designed for small, flat pieces that could fit inside a 3×5 inch mailbox. Many were not designed to accommodate large package sizes, forcing spacing innovation.

Other notable issues encountered include:

  • In mailrooms not using package tracking software, a large portion of time is spent logging packages by hand and writing notification slips. Both of these inevitably are risk factors for human error and misdelivered packages.
  • Accountability issues arise because mailrooms are the ones who accept students’ mail on their behalf and deliver. Increased mailroom accountability equates to higher operational costs.

Streamline Operations with Package Tracking Software

Amazon Student Prime may be a popular service, but that does not mean campus mailrooms have to stay outdated. With the use of technology, such as package tracking software, they can operate at optimal paces.

How mailrooms have operated in the past doesn’t work anymore. Leveraging package tracking software is the ultimate way to enforce cutting edge technology for campus workers to obtain confidence and streamline the processes.


College students are utilizing online shopping more than ever before, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Online shopping makes life easier for students so they have more time and can focus on their schoolwork. But, this is ultimately a catalyst for campus mailroom workers scrambling behind the scenes trying to track with old fashioned pen and paper.

By implementing a package tracking solution, like TekTrack, everyone benefits from its tracking and communication efficiency, resulting in a smoother and better experience for all parties involved.


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