Many businesses lose track of inbound parcels and mail without a robust package tracking software. More than 1.7 million packages disappear every day contributing to a total of $25 million in lost goods.

Package tracking software like TekTrack prevents this from happening to your business by providing cost-effective solutions to help businesses monitor and maintain control of incoming mail and packages while increasing distribution within the workplace.

With package tracking software, you are able to minimize labor and enhance workflow efficiency. With every scan of your important inbound mail or package, data such as time, date, status, user, and the locations the package is processed at providing real-time delivery and full chain of custody.

Most carriers are insured for packages lost while in their possession. However, the insurance stops as soon as the items are delivered to your business. If a package is lost internally, you are exposed to several risks including delayed projects, monetary setbacks and unsatisfied employees and customers.

Some of the reason why your business should have a package tracking software are:

Enhanced Speed

Package tracking software enhances your internal processing speeds by automating the capturing of recipient and package details and simplifying the routing and delivery of packages to recipients. This will allow delivery agents to do their job faster with fewer errors and greater efficiency.

Streamlined Tracking

Package tracking software like TekTrack uses the latest technology to monitor the flow of all tangible objects that go in and around your company including mail, parcels, documents, and even assets. The minute you receive a package, TekTrack’s real-time tracking allows you to know where all packages and mail are at within your company at all times, ensuring it reflects on your reports.

Customizable Functions

Every business has its own mail delivery process. When it comes to workflow configurations, the TekTrack package tracking software gives you the flexibility to customize the functions to your specific package processing needs. You can activate different features to maintain a more organized package and interoffice mail distribution workflow tailored to your company’s needs.

Some of the highlights of the TekTrack package tracking software:

  • Improved efficiency and processing of parcels, mail, and documents
  • Quick and easy integration into your existing mail distribution system
  • Full chain-of-custody with signature and image capturing
  • Simple, customizable user interface
  • Flexible desktop and mobile delivery options

With TekTrack, you can forget about manual, time-consuming monitoring of every package or asset that comes in – the package tracking software helps you in handling every processing task. Get in touch with TekCore to learn how the TekTrack package tracking software can help your business stay on track to success.


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