Keeping your mailroom up and running requires a lot of effort. You need to continually offer value to your recipients if you want to stay relevant in the business sphere.

According to a survey, employing automation in your workflow allows you to save 40-70 percent on your overall costs, which was previously spent on time-consuming tasks.

To remain profitable, one must make sure your overhead doesn’t exceed gross earnings.

Since most businesses shop online today for supplies, managers and owners are used to receiving larger volumes of packages and mail. No matter how large the volume is, parcels can be easily and accurately tracked with a proper mailroom tracking app.

Old and Costly Way of Package Tracking

Businesses that depend on efficient workflows, including government institutions, law firms, or financial corporations, have found manual mailroom processing is inefficient and cumbersome.

The process is repetitive and expensive, as it includes a lot of manpower with zero accountability if a package gets lost in the shuffle.

Since the old way of using paper and pen to track packages is no longer useful in modern business practices, many have turned to excel-based software and systems to track packages.

Excel spreadsheets will give you a head-start for keeping track of all essential mail and packages, although this method has several limitations.

  • Much of the data must still be typed in manually, taking several minutes to hours depending on the quantity of data.
  • Keeping track of every exchange after the package leaves the mailroom is nearly impossible.

This is where TekCore’s mailroom tracking software, TekTrack, comes in. It picks up where manual tracking leaves off.

  • With TekTrack, you can quickly scan and log packages, capturing recipient and package data customized to your workflow.
  • A mobile barcode scanner can be used to track packages and each touchpoint providing a complete chain-of-custody.
  • A unique tracking barcode can be generated for packages that don’t have a barcode or if the label is damaged.
  • TekTrack provides automated notifications, letting recipients know if they need to pick up a package or if one has been delivered. It even has reminder notifications.
  • You can generate and save custom searches and reports, and much more.

What takes minutes or hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time.

TekCore’s mailroom tracking system was created with efficiency and simplicity in mind. Businesses that implement a package tracking system, like TekTrack, save a lot of money and precious hours each day just by automating the process.

Other benefits of the TekTrack Package Tracking software are:

  • Mobile support for iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android phones and tablets.
  • TekTrack’s exclusive SmartScan™ technology for advanced barcode processing.
  • Supports multiple concurrent users.
  • Recipient, self-service package tracking portal.
  • Take photographs and attach files to a package’s history.

To learn more on TekTrack’s features and functionality, visit TekCore’s website or contact TekCore directly to find out how you can start saving time and money today.



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