According to research, a medium-sized delivery business roughly wastes 21.8 hours a week searching for packages that have been delivered to their facility.

This is where a package tracker software system comes in. It tracks packages from the time they arrive in your mailroom or receiving department until they have been delivered and signed for by the recipient.

A package tracker, like TekTrack, reduces the possibility of losing a package by providing a full chain-of-custody thus reducing time searching packages; they also have other benefits, which are mentioned below.

Quick Access to Package Information

Items can be easily located in real-time, anywhere in the delivery process. You can quickly know who has which package, where it is kept, when it arrived in the building, and estimated delivery along with other details.

Enhances Efficiency and Accountability

With an automated inbound package tracking system, an item’s delivery cycle (routing status, receipt, and final proof of delivery) is highly streamlined. An individual is always accountable for each item throughout the entire routing process.

Improves Data Accuracy

Since the entire tracking process is electronic instead of manual, human errors are practically eliminated. Repeatability and process compliance are significantly enhanced. Your management records accuracy is substantially improved allowing you to capture more information.

Lower Operating Cost

Labor and operating costs are dramatically reduced with automation. Tasks such as data entry time and order processing are done through the package tracking scanner which eliminates the chances of error while also reducing the cost.

Items Are Delivered Faster

With a package tracking solution, processing packages and communicating with recipients is drastically increased. Workers can use their time on profitable and productive activities instead of resolving logistics issues.

Recipient Email Notification

By using a package scanner, email notifications are sent to package recipients directly from the tracking software, keeping everyone in the loop.

Businesses That Started Using Package Tracking Software

Like all fruitful investments that have captured the attention of the masses, package tracking software and package scanners are making their mark in every sector of business.

A few examples of companies using package tracking software like TekTrack as an indispensable tool for freeing up time, saving money, and energy in front offices and mailrooms include:

• Apartment and Residential Communities

• Freight and Transportation Centers

• Corporations with Multiple Departments

• Hospitals

• Government Agencies

• Law Firms

• Hotels and Motels

• Warehouses

• University Mailrooms


If you also want to push your package delivery business to the next level, then the TekTrack package tracking software is the right step towards success.


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