Since COVID-19, the surge of package volume that mailrooms are experiencing is quite extraordinary. The most notable increase is grocery deliveries. Last summer, only 11% of people bought their groceries online; today it is the new norm.

Undeniably, the rise of online shopping stats are growing and COVID-19 has spiked the trend. Due to the fear of infection and the effects of social distancing, will alter consumer behavior even after the pandemic is over.

With societal changes occurring, mailroom package receivers are experiencing new challenges. The volume of package deliveries has risen and trying to be accountable for all of them can be burdensome on mail and package processing employees.

Mailroom Service Impacts

When it comes to coronavirus impact on increased online shopping, and new safety concerns, there are notable service impacts. Not only is there a substantial increase in packages to manage, but call volume has also increased as people inquire about their packages.

It can be overwhelming, especially if workers do not have a reliable inbound package tracking solution to help them manage the workflow.

FedEx, for example, has issued a temporary service adjustment directly related to COVID-19. The company stated its delivery times are going to be longer and that buyers should expect delays. This is not favorable, but it is the only way to accommodate the increase in package deliveries and tracking. 

Tracking and Handling Impacts

Because COVID-19 does not discriminate, mailroom workers not only have to continue their daily tasks, but do so while following revised safety protocols. There are new protocols in regulations concerning handling packages, including:

USPS is on the same track and is enforcing that its employees are not allowed to handle international packages coming into the US right now. This inevitably increases the volume of packages being stored and making it harder to keep track of them.

Inbound Mailroom Tracking Software

It is a stressful time for mailroom workers with the current state of affairs. They are at the forefront of this pandemic and trying to keep deliveries running smoothly.

But they should work smarter, not harder.

Knowing that packaging volumes most likely will not go back to their original levels, it is critical to have a quality inbound mailroom tracking software. It means less stress on workers and promotes confidence that processes are flowing as efficiently as possible.

TekTrack allows mailrooms to automate inbound package processing. Workers are able to drastically increase their efficiency by simply scanning a package barcode to record package and recipient details.

Recipients receive automated notifications with details about their package, letting them know if the package is ready for pickup or has been delivered. Additionally, instead of recipients calling the mailroom to find out where their package is, they can look up the information through a self-service tracking portal, allowing workers to stay focused on the job at hand instead of fielding phone calls.

Additionally, TekTrack provides workers with a full chain-of-custody for every package. Utilizing its advanced search and reporting features, mailroom employees always know where every package is located, who processed the package, and who signed for a package when it was picked up or delivered.


Kudos to all the mailroom workers out there who have really stepped up to the line during this pandemic. It is not an easy job to ensure people receive their packages while taking care of their own health at the same time. It is time to make their lives better! By embracing the digital era we live and work in, and investing in package tracking software, mailroom employees can drastically improve their processing efficiency to meet increased package volume demands. To learn how you can help your mailroom staff, contact TekCore today for a free demonstration. You will be glad you did!


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