It’s Friday. And you know what that means, right? The weekend is here.

Let the joyous mood set in!

Wait, wait — not just yet… You still have plenty of work to do.

While the rest of the office staff is out for follow up meetings you have this massive pile of undelivered mail to deal with.

Make no mistake, there are going to be plenty of important mails in there, and you must deliver them before everyone leaves for home. After all, there won’t be any work for the next two days. So, an important mail left undelivered can cost your company a client or a business opportunity.

Delivering a mail is not a problem for you however. The real problem here is that it can be hard to reach a recipient and inform them that their mail has arrived, especially when you don’t know whether they’re at the office or not.

Yes, leaving the recipient an email is one solution, but it’s not really a solution. What if, the employee is in a meeting and doesn’t have access to their email? Or, what if the employee forgets to check his/her email before leaving the office?

You need to find a better solution to overcome your Friday mail mess.

Enter TekTrack…

TekTrack is a package tracking software exclusively designed for office mailrooms to handle their package operations with ease, convenience and accuracy. Using the software, you can digitally log in inbound packages and track the complete delivery process to ensure the packages are delivered to the recipients they’re intended for.

How does TekTrack can help you solve your Friday mail mess problem?

Simple. TekTrack comes with an automated notification feature that sends the recipient a notification through text (or email), informing them that their package has arrived. This way, even if an employee doesn’t have access to their email, the reinforced notification strategy will ensure that they receive the pickup notification on their phone.

Believe in “seeing is believing”?

Schedule your TekTrack demo today by reaching out to us, and we’ll schedule a live demo presentation as per your convenience.

We look forward to serving you!



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