Your Inbound Package Tracking Solution

TekTrack® is the ideal solution for tracking your important mail, packages, documents, and inventory. It is a scalable, package tracking software system that was designed to provide maximum benefits with minimal use of corporate and network resources. TekTrack allows you to process thousands of packages a day from the same building or campuses around the world. With centralized data storage and a robust web interface, TekTrack requires minimal IT maintenance and support.
Network Diagram
TekTrack Architecture
Windows Service (included)
ServiceThe TekTrack service is a Windows NT service that can be installed on any server computer. It performs numerous technical operations that are transparent to end users such as: database management, notifications, and many others.
Desktop WorkStation (included)
The TekTrack Workstation is a desktop application that turns any networked computer into a package processing station. It provides benefits such as:
  • SmartScan™ - faster package processing while minimizing errors.
  • Electronic signature for proof-of-pickup from a desktop signature pad.
  • Unlimited photograph image capturing from any web camera for damaged package reports.
  • High-speed, custom label printing for local and network printers. You control the design of labels for: barcodes, pickups, destinations, and others.
  • Plug-in architecture; allows you to integrate the WorkStation with the hardware of your choice or proprietary systems.
  • Print manifests with barcodes for processed packages and packages to pickup.
Web Interface (optional)
Web The web interface gives you access to your tracking information and operations from anywhere on your network. Unlike many other inbound package tracking systems, our robust web interface gives you the ability to perform every tracking operation (ex. package processing, searches, reports, administration, and many others). It even has a web portal that can be used by your employees or customers as a way for them to monitor their packages without having user access to the system.
Mobile Application (optional)
The mobile application lets you integrate TekTrack with your favorite mobile scanner hardware. It provides benefits such as:
  • SmartScan™ - faster package processing while minimizing errors.
  • Create task lists that keep you aware of which packages you have to pick up and deliver, where they are, where they are going to, and how many.
  • Electronic signature for proof-of-delivery.
  • Immediate delivery updates from anywhere within your corporate network.
  • Unlimited photograph image capturing for damaged package reports.
  • Enter in descriptive information about the package or change its routing information.
  • Online and offline mode; synchronize mobile information at your convenience using either wireless network or ActiveSync. Full control over when you sync.
  • Alerts for special package handling instructions and special delivery instructions.
  • Support for multiple hardware manufacturers.

Hassle-Free Hosted Solutions

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