TekTrack®, the Complete Mail & Package Tracking Software System
"Package tracking made Smart. Simple. Secure."

Which Package Tracking System Is Right For You?

TekTrack® is a componentized package tracking system that was designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size. Its modular design allows you to purchase only features that fit your organization’s demands without having to purchase an oversized system or features that will never be utilized. TekTrack's architecture lets you start with a package tracking system that fits your immediate requirements and budget but can be expanded at a later time as your organization’s needs grow.

TekTrack Professional Edition

Get started with the TekTrack Professional Edition, the core of our TekTrack package tracking system. Whether you need a package tracking system for a single stand-alone computer or multiple networked computers, the Professional Edition lets you process packages and perform system administration from PCs, laptops, and tablet computers.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Package processing and administration from desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets
  • Centralized information access and storage
  • Recipient e-mail notification with customizable message
  • Parcel carrier identification and integration
  • Automated label printing during package processing
  • Detailed package history and search capabilities
  • Unlimited users and recipients (with import options)
  • Export results in popular formats (Excel CSV, XML, etc)
  • Customizable package description fields, workflows, and recipient rolodexes
  • Integration with popular desktop scanners, stationery signature pads, and label printers
  • Basic and advanced reporting capabilities
  • One-screen package processing
  • SmartScan™ technology
  • And more...
TekTrack Mobile Services Expansion Module

Need to deliver recipient's packages on your campus or to remote locations? Need to capture proof-of-receipt signatures from the recipients? The Mobile Services Expansion Module is an add-on for the TekTrack Professional Edition that lets you utilize your favorite mobile devices with our package tracking system.

TekTrack Automation Expansion Module

Are you ready to take your package tracking to the next level? The Automation Expansion Module is an add-on for the TekTrack Professional Edition that will enhance your system with more automated features and ways to simplify recipient support.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Attachments and image capturing
  • User & group permissions
  • Bulk package processing
  • Recipient categories
  • User defined saved searches
  • Unlimited notifications and new notification types
  • Unlimited package description fields
  • Programming API
  • And more...
TekTrack Web Portal Expansion Module

Want to be able to process packages or perform system administration from any networked computer? The Web Portal Expansion Module is a TekTrack Professional Edition add-on that lets you access the system using any web browser.

TekTrack Tracking Portal Expansion Module

Want to simplify recipient phone and e-mail support? The Tracking Portal Expansion Module is a TekTrack Professional Edition add-on that allows you to provide your recipients with a self-serve web portal so they can check on their items directly.

The modules above are just some of the commonly used components with TekTrack. Please contact a TekCore representative for the availability of additional features and services.

On-Premise and Cloud Options

In addition to choosing the features you want, you can use the TekTrack software as either an on-premise or cloud solution. Key benefits are listed below for each option.

On-Premise Cloud
  • One-time purchase; no annual or monthly service commitments required.
  • All information and resources are contained within your network.
  • Save more money in just a short period of time.
  • Idea for companies with restricted IT policies or limited computer resources.
  • Pay-as-you-go service options.
  • Automatic upgrades and system management.