For Hospital Mailroom Managers: Are You Still Logging Packages By Hand?

For Hospital Mailroom Managers Are You Still Logging Packages By Hand

Hospital mailroom staff can have a lot on their plates during the day. They must receive and handle countless shipments of medicine, medical equipment and medical supplies. Also, they must promptly and accurately deliver these packages to concerned departments within the hospital. This can get really hectic and tiring for them, especially if they’re required to do all the work manually.

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Inside the University Mailroom: Handling the Influx of Holiday Season

Inside the University Mailroom

While the holiday season for most people is about enjoying time with their loved ones and vegging on the sofa, those working at university mailrooms can find it stressful and literally be flooded with packages.

Rolling packages, undelivered packages, and returning packages—there’s a lot for the university mailroom staff to handle during the holiday season.

Additionally, a longer than usual queue of inquiring and impatient students can be found waiting outside the mailrooms during this time, which can make for perfect holiday mayhem.

So, how can university mailrooms better prepare themselves to handle the influx of the holiday season?

Our experts at TekCore have some tips…

Lay Out A Plan

It’s very important to have a custom plan for the holiday season before the holiday rush begins. University mailroom managers should sit down with their subordinates and discuss how the increased mail load can be managed efficiently.

Open discussion should be encouraged, and everyone should be allowed an equal opportunity to participate. If temporary changes to employee schedules need to be made, the changes should be proposed and discussed in an employee meeting before being implemented.

Organize The Workspace

When mailrooms are cluttered, it’s easy for packages to get misplaced. Chances of this happening are even greater during the holiday season.

Therefore, it’s critical to organize the mailroom workspaces before the start of the holiday season for easy, convenient and efficient package processing. Revamps should be carried out at the workstation level. Checks should be made to ensure that all workstations are equipped with the resources they need to efficiently handle the process. University mailrooms may also use color-coding mail sorters for greater mail processing efficiency.

Use Package Tracking Software

Package tracking software digitize the entire package handling process which increases processing speed and improves staff efficiency. Using package tracking software, university mailroom staff can automatically log packages into the system, accurately sort packages, inform students about the arrival of their packages and conveniently deliver packages to the intended recipients.

In case of complaints, the captured chain of custody can be used to track individual packages and resolve any complaints. Mobile-friendly software tools can offer further flexibility for the university mailroom staff.

Don’t let the holiday season mail load caught your university mailroom off-guard. Start planning for it today!

4 Features To Look For In Your Package Tracking App

4 Features To Look For In Your Package Tracking App

Modern package tracking software makes receiving, sorting, and delivering packages to recipients in corporate offices, hospitals, and university mailrooms a whole lot easier!

With the wide range of features offered by package management software today, mailroom productivity is massively boosted, rates of errors are significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction is increased.

But when selecting a package tracking app for your corporate mailroom, how are you to be sure you’re choosing the right one that fits all your needs? Read on to find out!

Electronic Signature Capturing

A proof-of-receipt signature is the most critical feature of a package tracking app to ensure you don’t get blamed for lost packages. TekTrack® Package Tracking give you numerous ways to prove the package made it to its final destination.  You can let them sign for their package on a mobile device screen, swipe their badge for a digital signature, and even take a picture of the person receiving the package.

Customizable Workflows

Effective package tracking software comes with the option to provide as much or as little detail about the package as you need. Want to record a PO number or the package weight? TekTrack, our cutting-edge tracking software, gives you the ability to create the fields that are important for your reporting needs. It even provides an unlimited photo capturing capacity and can even be used to record damaged or broken packages received by the mailroom.

Automatic Notifications and Reminders

As soon as a package is logged into the system, the package tracking system can be configured to notify the recipient of its arrival by email or text message. These notifications inform the recipients to pick up their packages from the mailroom or that their packages will be brought to them shortly. .

Custom Label/Barcode Printing

While never mandatory, having the option of printing a highly customized label or barcode by campus, building, floor, or department allows for simpler item handling and streamlined package tracking.

Our built-in barcode and QR SmartScan™ technology allow for easier package tracking, and also integrate wirelessly with mobile devices for increased accessibility.


Our parcel tracking app, TekTrack, lets organizations monitor and report their accountable assets. Reliable, secure, and convenient, TekTrack will become your organization’s best friend throughout the year!

Schedule a web demo or start a free trial and get started on a seamless package tracking process today!

Keeping Up With The Influx In Online Shopping During Holiday Season

Keeping Up With The Influx In Online Shopping During Holiday Season

Holiday season. A time for cheer, merriment… and lost packages?

Typically the busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually when most shoppers start their Christmas shopping. With the rates of products dropping far and wide, and lucrative deals to be seen everywhere, the holiday season is a nightmare come true for package delivery companies everywhere!

With millions of packages to deliver and keep track of, the rate of package theft, incorrectly delivered packages, and delayed shipments increase sharply as well. The main reason for this is the increased rate of online shopping during this time period; a whopping 750 million packages were delivered just by UPS in 2017 during the holiday season!

Do Packages Really Ever Get Lost?

The answer to that is yes, but in very rare cases. Of the billions of packages delivered by shipment companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL and others every year, only a very small amount gets permanently lost. While misdeliveries, damaged shipments, and customs-clearance issues are fairly common, mail getting accidentally destroyed, stolen by officials, or dumped somewhere is rare.

A more common reason for a “lost” package may be a package thief! According to a research conducted by Blink, package theft is widely common in North Dakota (26 times more likely), Vermont (16.5 times more likely), Alaska (8 times more likely), and New Mexico (6 times more likely).

Keeping Up With the Surge

Keeping Up With the Surge

So how do these major delivery companies even keep up with the increased amount of packages that are to be delivered from Thanksgiving week right to up to New Year? Here are some of the measures that have previously been taken:

Seasonal Employees

This year, UPS expects to hire about 100,000 seasonal employees to help with the expected increase in package volume throughout the months of November to December. About 35% of these are then later permanently hired by the company once holiday season is over.

Automated Mailroom Systems

By far the most effective way of countering the increased number of packages and deliveries during holiday season, many courier services have recently started investing in automated mailroom systems to process more packages faster.

Not only do these offer a streamlined, foolproof tracking system for carriers and mailrooms, they also relieve the organization of the duty of having to recruit more manual labor during peak season.

Also offering the benefit of easier, more detailed logging of packages, package tracking software allows for e-signature recording and picture capturing, which then serve as proof-of-delivery.

Easily integrated with multiple carriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx’s package tracking systems, TekTrack, our premium mailroom tracking software also sends push notifications and email alerts to recipients, informing them of the status of delivery of their package, thus reducing package theft. This can also lowers company revenue losses and missing package claims.

Our parcel tracking app, TekTrack lets organizations monitor and report their accountable assets. Reliable, secure, and convenient, TekTrack will become your organization’s best friend during the busy holiday season!

Schedule a Web demo or start a free trial and get started on a seamless package tracking process today!