There has been a lot of talk lately about package tracking software systems and how they can be innovatively deployed in different settings.

Just in case you don’t know what a package tracking software system is, here’s a brief explanation:

A package tracking software system is a digital tool designed to track the local movement of a package within a siloed environment. It helps with convenient and accurate package delivery by providing a complete chain of custody to the user.

At TekCore, we’ve developed a patented modular package tracking software called TekTrack®. Our software is a fully integrated solution that can link with ERPs, organizational directories, locker systems, and more. The best thing about our software is it is configurable to meet customer preferences and eliminating unnecessary manual processing steps.

Okay, but who does package tracking software like TekTrack benefit? More importantly, will it be of benefit to you?Who should invest in a package tracking software?

A package tracking software can be a valuable investment for anyone who deals in package forwarding operations within a localized setting. Some potential use case examples of package tracking software include:

Package tracking for college mails

College mailrooms are the most common deployment settings for package tracking software systems. Digitizing college mailroom operations, package tracking software systems enable college mailroom staff to complete package deliveries to students in a convenient, fast and error-free manner. Many colleges across the country have successfully deployed these systems at their mailrooms and have managed to speed up their operations, reduce processing errors and increase operational efficiency.

Inbound mail tracking for offices

A package tracking software system can also be used for inbound mail tracking and processing at corporate offices. Office mailroom clerks can use a package tracking software system to ensure timely, accurate and convenient delivery of important packages and mails to office staff. The deployment can also assist in establishing a document trail for future audits in case of a missing parcel, information breach, recipient identification, delivery delays etc.

Parcel management for hotel guests

Inbound guest parcels and packages are commonplace in hospitality settings. The responsibility of delivering these packages to guests lies with the hotel staff. The staff must make sure that the packages are delivered safely, accurately and promptly to their rightful recipients. If a guest is not present in the hotel building, the staff must hold on to the parcel before delivering it to them. Package tracking software makes inbound guest package processing easier for hospitality businesses.

Does any of the above use case examples apply to you? If yes, then you should strongly consider investing in a package tracking software.

Still unsure whether package tracking software can assist you in your operations? Get in touch with us; we’ll be happy to guide you.



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