4 Features To Look For In Your Package Tracking App

Modern package tracking software makes receiving, sorting, and delivering packages to recipients in corporate offices, hospitals, and university mailrooms a whole lot easier!

With the wide range of features offered by package management software today, mailroom productivity is massively boosted, rates of errors are significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction is increased.

But when selecting a package tracking app for your corporate mailroom, how are you to be sure you’re choosing the right one that fits all your needs? Read on to find out!

Electronic Signature Capturing

A proof-of-receipt signature is the most critical feature of a package tracking app to ensure you don’t get blamed for lost packages. TekTrack® Package Tracking give you numerous ways to prove the package made it to its final destination.  You can let them sign for their package on a mobile device screen, swipe their badge for a digital signature, and even take a picture of the person receiving the package.

Customizable Workflows

Effective package tracking software comes with the option to provide as much or as little detail about the package as you need. Want to record a PO number or the package weight? TekTrack, our cutting-edge tracking software, gives you the ability to create the fields that are important for your reporting needs. It even provides an unlimited photo capturing capacity and can even be used to record damaged or broken packages received by the mailroom.

Automatic Notifications and Reminders

As soon as a package is logged into the system, the package tracking system can be configured to notify the recipient of its arrival by email or text message. These notifications inform the recipients to pick up their packages from the mailroom or that their packages will be brought to them shortly. .

Custom Label/Barcode Printing

While never mandatory, having the option of printing a highly customized label or barcode by campus, building, floor, or department allows for simpler item handling and streamlined package tracking.

Our built-in barcode and QR SmartScan™ technology allow for easier package tracking, and also integrate wirelessly with mobile devices for increased accessibility.


Our parcel tracking app, TekTrack, lets organizations monitor and report their accountable assets. Reliable, secure, and convenient, TekTrack will become your organization’s best friend throughout the year!

Schedule a web demo or start a free trial and get started on a seamless package tracking process today!



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