Importance of Mailroom Services for a Corporate Office

Importance of Mailroom Services for a Corporate Office

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An oft-forgotten but highly important department in your office, the mailroom could be what’s keeping your business up and running! How, you ask? Let us explain.

Why a Corporate Mailroom is Important for Your Business

Suppose you’re working on an important interior decorating project. You have a general idea of the kind of work you want to see done on your client’s property. You create some basic blueprints of the design you’re looking for but need to get swatches for the fabric you plan on using for the couches. You hit up your supplier, asking them to send in a few samples via mail.

Now, when the deliveryman drops off the parcel, he won’t come up to your desk to deliver the package to you. Where would he go, then? That’s right! The front desk.

If your corporate office doesn’t have a functional mailroom service, the possibility of error increases! The front desk may misplace the parcel, send it over to the wrong employee, or worse yet, forget about it altogether! When you go up to the front desk to inquire about the delivery, they have no record of ever having received it, which could put you back several days as you wait for the next shipment to arrive.

The Need for Confidentiality

Many times during your career, there will be a need for you to forward or receive confidential or high-priority mail. Emails are subject to hacking from competitors and may put your business at risk of a security breach that could cost you money and revenue.

But when it comes to snail mail, it’s usually much more secure because it’s delivered directly to the recipient. Our exclusive package tracking software, TekTrack, maximizes accountability through signature capturing as proof of delivery, ensuring the package is always delivered to the right person.

The Need for Confidentiality

Preventing Delays

Time-sensitive information being delivered promptly is a common expectation in corporate offices. But what happens when it’s delivered to the wrong person in the office? Not only are you subject to missing your deadline, but you also now need to track down the employee who received it…making you lose even more precious time.

With an inbound package tracking software like TekTrack, not only can you track the location of your packages as they make their way through your office, but you can also have proof-of-delivery through e-signatures, an automatic email sent out to the recipient, and the chance to reduce processing time and costs. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo, start your trial or get a free quote.

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