Building A Package Logging MailRoom

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As old-fashioned as it sounds, a lot of mailrooms still haven’t stopped using pen and paper to log incoming packages. Their tracking system is nothing more than a notebook over-encumbered with handwritten dates and notes. Some have upgraded to loggingRead More

COVID-19 Shipping Delays: 3 Ways To Keep Shoppers Up To Speed

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In addition to the numerous anxieties e-commerce marketers and business owners are now facing, providing exceptional customer service is one of the most pressing concerns. The current coronavirus pandemic has impacted supply chains, leading to higher demands, and making timelinesRead More

Impact of Amazon Student Prime on University Campus Mailrooms

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Amazon is certainly one of the largest and most influential companies worldwide, reporting a massive net revenue of over 280.5 billion dollars in 2019. With that said, the primary and most profitable division of Amazon is its subscription services, suchRead More

How E-Commerce Is Shaping The Package Tracking Software Of Today

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Four years ago, a record 65 million parcels were shipped globally and that number keeps on increasing. UPS alone deals with about 15.8 million packages every day. That’s 324 packages per second! FedEx averages about 3.4 million daily. Moreover, inRead More